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Kiara Jordan

Welcome to my teacher webpage!

I teach elementary technology for grades K-4. I encourage students to bring their own headphones if they have them, if they feel uncomfortable sharing with other students. 

In my class, we do a lot of typing. I use the typing program Typing Club. There are different lesson plans available for different grade levels. I use Jungle Junior for grades K-1 and any of the other lesson plans for grades 2-4. I’ve attached a link of the website 2nd-4th grade must use their login information for their work to be saved.

Login information:

- Username: Last name First Initial Middle Initial Last 2 digits of lunch number (Example: jordankl58)

- Password: First Initial Last Initial Full Lunch number (Example: kj44058)

Once you access Typing Club, click ‘Get Started’. To select different lesson plans, click the Typing Jungle tab and choose ‘More Lesson Plans”. You will see Jungle Junior and other lesson plans here. 

In my class, I teach Kindergarten how to identify their letters, type their sight words, and we play educational math, spelling, and strategy games through ABCYA and PBS Kids. 1st Grade learns how to type sentences using the Word software program. They also use paint to express their creativity. We use ABCYA and PBS Kids at this level as well. 2nd-4th grade is more advanced using the Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Paint 3D programs. 


Technology is OWL of this world!




Kiara Jordan

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