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Demetra Griffin

Information on remote learning:

Each week, I will be completing a mini video math lesson for the students to view. From that lesson, the students will complete three must do’s and if time they will have get to’s in google classroom. 

Must do’s:

**These are very critical skills for the students that are needed in our first grade math curriculum. These are going to be harder skills for the students because they are new to them in this grade, but so important. 

I will be providing a video lesson over the skill, resources, and helpful links as much as I can to assist the students at home. 

             Choice Boards:

The video lessons in all subjects will be on a choice board followed with three must do assignments associated with the lesson presented. Please feel free to email with any questions and I will do my best to help! Choice boards will be sent out starting next week for students to start working on. While you are waiting patiently, there are assignments ready to complete on google classroom or students can access clever to technology apps. Happy Learning!

Get to’s:

These will be additional assignments assoicated with the students curriculum that will help them grow in their learning over past skills. These assignments will be on our google classroom. 

How to access google classroom:

  • Username: Last name First initial Middle initial Last 2 digits of lunch number @
    • ​Example: 

Name: John Anchor Smith

Student ID: 12345


password: js12345


Log In information for CLEVER: 

*Clever is where the students can access their technology apps such as ST Math and IStation.

  • Username: Last name First initial Middle initial Last 2 digits of lunch number (Example:catesnr58)
  • Password: First initial Last initial Full lunch number (Example: nc44058)

**NOTE: I will be sharing the link to CLEVER under educational resources. **

Demetra Griffin

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