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Anita Nance


Welcome to my online Mindful MakerSpace classroom.


Click below to seee my “Welcome to MakerSpace Class” Video!


Check out Mindful MakerSpace weekly assignment in the side menu.

If you would like to voluntarily turn in an assignment from your choice board, feel free to use the link below to the choice board turn in folder:

Below find videoed lessons linked under each grade level so you can choose that option also! Happy Learning!!!

Click on the lesson you would like to view. Each lesson contains a two minute Mindful Breathing exercise to encourage focus and an optimal learning environment. Remember the neat aspect of watching videos is that you can pause, rewind or fast forward to different parts over and over again until you have it!

*DISCLAIMER-Videos are produced from home so there may be some background interference...a Mindful MakerSpace challenge….I wonder if you can identify the noises!? 


Play Dough Name

If you do not have any play dough at home click on this link for six fun recipes for homemade play dough!

Homemade Play Dough

Patterns (Mulitiple activities included)

Lego Marble Maze

Magnets (Mulitiple activities included)

Here is a fun cartoon about magnets!

Magnetism- The Dr. Binocs Show

small, medium and large building activity

Goldilocks and the Three Bears by James Marshall

Predator and Prey with Legos

Predator and Prey song

Coding Concept game- learning directions

Coding with Ozobot

First Grade

Play Dough Likes

Chain Reaction (Mulitiple activities included)

INSANE Domino Tricks!

Ping Pong Energy Run

Create your own Rube Goldberg using Simple Machines (multiple activities)

If enjoyed making chain reactions check out this seven year old, Audri creating his own Rube Goldberg . Can you create one? What hypotheis would you make to predict how many times it would take before your chain reaction was a success?

Rube Goldberg Video


Trash to Treasures

Constructing with Strawbees

Rosie Revere Engineer read by Astronaut Kate Rubens

Coding with Ozobot

Second Grade

Mini Green House

Mini Green House II- Planting the seedling

Learn about the Plant Cycle

Learn how to Macramé a bracelet or necklace

Predict and log the weather for a week

Create a Rain gauge and track/graph the rainfall (3 different rain gauges to choose to make)

Let’s make a homemade compass!

Homemade Windsock

Create a Mindful Sundial

Third Grade

Slip Knot and Chain

Beginners Crochet

Learn Binary Code (Mulitiple activities included)

Create Binary Secret Coded Jewelry

Print binary code sheet from side menu

Insulators or Conductors- Intro to Circuitry

Snap Circuits- Simple, Series and Parallel

Let’s experiment with Squishy Circuits


Duck Tape Flower

Origami Paper Glider

If enjoyed making this project this is the Origami site for you! Click below for addtional origami projects.

Origami Instructions

Code in Scratch Software

Scratch link

Create a Keychain in Tinkercad Software

Tinkercad link

Experiment with Circuits with Makey Makey

Create your own Green Screen Videos with the Do Ink app

Do Ink Green Screen app button

Here are a couple of apps that you can download for free that you can have fun playing and exploring!


Chatter Pix 
Sock Puppet
Sock Puppets

Mindful self-compassionate tools to help relieve stress and anxiety

1. Breathe

2. Breathe

3. Breathe

Please visit my Mindful MakerSpace Google Website for mindful tools to self regulate including how to make your own glitter jar and glitter slime!

glitter ball

Settle your glitter


Please use my school e-mail to share student’s work, celebrations or ask questions:

The Mindful MakerSpace Google Website has Nine Weeks of MakerSpace curriculum for each grade level

Please click here to visit the 

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