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Remote Learning May 11-15

Creepy Crawlies

4 yr old PreK/HS Critical Lessons and Choice Board – Week of May 11

MUST DOs - Critical Content Mini-Lesson Videos

 * Flash cards 20 minutes daily. Letter identify, letter sounds, both upper and lower case, 

              number identification. CLI number game

CLI letter practice game Muffin Tin Toss

 * Practice sight words

 PK sight words: 

 *Practice writing first name daily, 3 times a day. 

Ask your teacher for the Starfall access code for some online activities.


Choice Board Activities - please select 6-8 activities to complete this week.           

Mrs. Smith reads Eric Carle’s “Very Busy Spider”

After listening to the story, go back through the story page-by-page and lead the kids in counting the number of animals that tried to get the spider to play with them.

Mrs Ross reads “ Eight Legs are Great”

Rewatch video starting at 03:10 and do counting activities with

 Mrs Ross

Listen to Mrs Gomez tell some interesting facts about spiders.

        Spider math with 

              Mrs. Terry


Help the PK teachers with the Itsy Bitsy Spider


 * Using a page of printed text such as a cereal box, newspaper, or magazine, the child will find and circle every letter “Bb” as in bug, and “Ii” as in insect. Have the child name the letters as they find them. Find 10 of each letter.

Get your paper and pencil ready to draw a spider with Mrs. Legan


Name Hopscotch: Caregiver will draw a set of squares or rectangles similar to hopscotch with the word spider in the squares. The last box should have the whole word in it. Your child will jump to the first letter, say the name of the letter, then the second, etc., all the way to the last box and say the name. Do the word frog, and the word snake.

Eric Carle “The Greedy Snake”

Mrs Shirley reads


Have students go back to the story and look for sight words. Make a list of all the sight words you see.


Do this activity


              CLI lesson

        Jump to the Number

                  CLI lesson

                 Syllable Clapping